East Asian headings in non-EA cataloging
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East Asian Headings in Non-East Asian Cataloging

Personal and corporate names for NACO that are derived from Chinese or Japanese should be referred to Gest Library technical services staff to determine if they will be established from a vernacular source in the original script. Do not refer Korean names. These will have to be established provisionally from a romanized source due to current staffing limitations.

This referral does not apply to authors who write exclusively in English or another Western language. If in doubt, refer the heading to the Authorities Librarian.

To have Gest staff establish a heading, complete a NACO form as fully as possible. Include photocopies of your title page and other relevant pages of your work (with page numbers indicated), if the item being cataloged does not accompany your request.

Gest staff may add additional information to the authority record from Chinese or Japanese sources. They will formulate the heading and cross references accordingly.

The item or photocopies, and NACO form, will be returned to you as soon as possible, with their decision.