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Review Policy
As of July 1, 1997, the Authorities Committee relaxed the review policy for 19th and 20th century persons (i.e. persons who wrote or were active primarily after 1800--both authors and non-authors). These records are no longer reviewed prior to production.

Before submitting any record in this category, please check the spelling of all names and the accuracy of diacritics. The title proper and imprint date in your 670 field must match the corresponding data on your bibliographic record . Location of data from multivolume sets should include a volume number. Please also be sure that all references are present.

There are two baskets on each of the two NACO shelves (upstairs and downstairs), one marked NON-REVIEW and the other marked REVIEW. Place NACO sheets for 19th and 20th century persons who do not fall into one of the categories below in the basket marked NON-REVIEW.

Authority records in the following categories will continue to be reviewed in the weekly Committee meeting and should be placed in the special basket marked REVIEW on one of the NACO shelves. If you are establishing more than one heading from the same item, and the records are stapled together, place all the records in the REVIEW basket if at least one of them requires review. We will continue to review the following types of headings:

    Personal names (100):
    • All persons entered in direct order: This includes entry under forename alone, surname alone, initials, phrases, and some names in non-Western languages.
    • All persons with titles of nobility.
    • All persons who may write in more than one language, or who are being established from a translation.
    • All persons who wrote or were active primarily before 1800.
    • All persons writing under a pseudonym or known to have a pseudonym.

    Other headings (110, 111, 151, 130):

    • All NACO headings not coded 100 will continue to be reviewed. This includes corporate names, conference names, geographic jurisdictions, and uniform titles. Place these headings in the basket marked REVIEW.
Note: If you have questions about, or would like reviewed, any authority record which would not normally be reviewed, please attach a note indicating your questions, or write PLEASE REVIEW on the printout. The record can then be placed in the REVIEW basket. Authority records found in the REVIEW basket, which would not routinely be reviewed and which do not have such an indication, will automatically be rerouted for production.

You may also, at your option, consult with a member of the Authorities Committee concerning questions or problems with authority records in any category; or you may place the authority record, together with the item cataloged, on the NACO problem shelf for consideration at the next meeting of the Authorities Committee.