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Closing Out Teaching Award Funds - Instructions

Funds in the 6901195 ledger (18xx series) are created with a one-time allocaton of funds.

While they may roll over from year to year if there is a positive balance, they do not receive a new allocation with the new fiscal year. They may not be overspent. Therefore, when on approving an invoice you receive an overexpenditure message, take the following steps to close out the fund:

  1. Identify the subject fund that corresponds most closely to the teaching award fund. The selector in charge of the fund in indicated in the Notes tab.
  2. Change the fund on the invoice and order to the appropriate subject fund. Do a search to identify any other pending invoices and unpaid purchase orders linked to the teaching award and change the funds on them as well.
  3. When all orders and invoices are changed, the commitments and pending expenditures should be at zero balance. Note the remaining balance in the fund (which should be less than the amount on the invoice in hand.
  4. Do a transfer from the teaching award to the subject fund to bring the teaching award balance to zero. The note on the transfer should indicate the fund is being closed down. Be sure the overcommit and overexpend options are set to No (unclicked).
  5. Notify the selector of the purchase order numbers than have been transferred to the subject fund in case s/he wishes to change to a different fund.
  6. Notify Carlos Santos that the fund has been expended. At the end of the fiscal year run query to identify any uncataloged items on the fund so that unneeded bookplates can be discarded.