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Contemporary Manuscript Collections Acquisitions Questionnaire

The Library asks that records creators provide information about the following issues related to their records that affect preservation and access. This information should be provided prior to or at the time the records are acquired.

Processing of digital materials includes identifying common types of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as phone numbers, social security numbers, etc., which will be dealt in accordance with donor’s restrictions and the Library’s policies and practices.
If you created files in both digital and paper formats, do certain files exist in both formats? If yes, please describe:
The Library will not make an attempt to recover files that are protected by passwords or encryption systems unless the donor provides the password and/or encryption key to the Library. Please provide passwords and/or keys for accessing any password-protected or encrypted files below. If passwords/keys are not provided, the files will not be retained.
In accordance with our policy of fair and equal access, the Library will not accept restrictions for an indefinite period of time, and all restrictions will be applied equally to all users. Once a restriction has been lifted, it will not be reapplied. The Library should seek to establish an end date for any access restrictions imposed by the donor. Below are the types of access the Library can provide for digital materials. Preference should be specified in the Deed of Gift or Purchase Agreement. If not specified, open online access will be provided by default. Please select one of the access options: