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Numismatics Database
AR tetradachm, 440 B.C. Athens, 17.09 grams.
Numismatics Collection.

Catalog of the coins, medals and tokens, paper money, casts, exonumia in Princeton's Numismatic Collection.  The Princeton University Numismatic Collection database was initiated in 2005 to provide web-based access to the entire collection through a searchable database with photographs of all objects. As most of the records are being written by Princeton University students, the order of cataloguing has depended on the scholarly interests and research skills of the students. Only a small fraction of the more than 110,000 pieces in the collection are currently online. If you don't find what you're looking for, contact the curator for information of specific areas of our holdings.As each piece is entered into the database, records of its obverse and reverse are made in both JPEG and TIFF formats. In the retrieval list from the searches below, these images appear as thumbnails. You can left-click on the images to make them larger and right-click on them to save them to your computer. High-resolution (about 50 MB per side) archival versions of these are available as TIFFs for detailed study and publication; contact the curator for information on procedures, costs, and restrictions.