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Princeton University Archives Transfer Form

This form is intended for university offices, departments, current students, and student organizations. Before submitting this form, please be sure to thoroughly review the Access Policy For University Archives Collections. By entering your name and pressing 'Submit,' you certify that you are authorized to transfer these records to Special Collections and that the information below is accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Personal Information
If a student, enter the name of the organization you are representing. If unaffiliated with an organization, enter N/A.
Archival Information
Name of office, department, organization, or person who created the records.
For example, 4 crates of print photographs, 6 boxes of papers, 8 gigabytes of electronic records. If you have digital records, please also fill out the Technical Information section below. If you have paper records, please attach an Inventory below.
Provide 2-3 sentences describing the subject(s) of the records as well as how the records were used (e.g., used by an entire office or organization, used exclusively by the board, used by the general public).
Inventory (Paper Records Only)
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: doc docx odt xls xlsx ods.
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