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Author’s Portrait: O, could he but have drawn his Wit

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Princeton University Library | ISBN: 1457850591

Catalog of an exhibition of portraits of authors by important artists in the Firestone Library, Princeton University, 22 January to 5 July, 2000. They have been chosen, first, because the artists are among the best in the collections and only secondarily because of the renown of the authors portrayed. These 100 portraits dating from 1481 to 1989 were created by some of the most influential artists of their generations, such as William Blake, Constantin Brancusi, Jean-Antoine Houdon, Edouard Manet, Robert Nanteuil, Willem de Passe, and August Rodin. When possible, this checklist notes whether a portrait was created during the author’s lifetime, since this means the author may have had input in the final image. 50+ portraits, a few in full-color.