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Senior Thesis Order Form

To search for a senior thesis, use our digital repository, Dataspace. You can use the information found in the DataSpace record to fill out the below form. Researchers will receive a link to the digitized materials via email at no cost. Please note: If you are a member of the Princeton community, please first try to access the thesis on Dataspace by connecting to the campus network via VPN (GlobalProtect or SonicWall desktop applications) prior to submitting this form.

All Researchers: The following form and your registration for a Special Collections Research Account must be complete in order for staff to process your order. Due to high volume, staff are unable to respond to requests without all of the necessary information. Please read each prompt carefully and submit the form only once. Duplicate requests will be deleted.

All requests are processed manually by staff and will require additional time to process. Theses that are in their original format, require additinal time to process and scan. This may take several weeks to months for our team to complete. You may check the status of your request anytime via your Special Collections Research Account

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Please note that your order can only be fulfilled if you have a Special Collections Research Account. If you do not have an account, please make one prior to submitting this form.
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