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  • The Derrydale Press published special limited editions of sporting books. It was a special publishing venture of Eugene V. Connett III, Class of 1912, founded in 1926 and continuing until its liquidation in 1942. The Library has a collection of practically all books published by the Derrydale Press.

    The Connett collection of some 250 volumes also contains all of the sporting books edited by Mr. Connett for D. Van Nostrand Company.

    Also included in the collection are 15 scrapbooks containing circulars, small catalogues, announcements, special items, and privately printed items for individuals, for the Anglers Club, et al. The Library also has the archives of the Press; these later items -- mss. & scrapbooks -- are housed in the Manuscript Division, (MSS) C0070. The Derrydale materials were given by Mr. Connett in three separate parts, received 1955, 1956, and 1957, respectively.

    The Derrydale Press also issued numerous prints but the Library does not own any of these prints, as of 1985.

    For particulars refer to: Eugene V. Connett III '12, "Some Random Notes on the Derrydale Press" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XVIII, 1 (Autumn 1956) pp. 11-14 [full text] as well as: The Derrydale Press: A Bibliography (Goshen: Angler's & Shooter's Press, 1981) [(ExB) Z473.D43S53] for an article on Connett by Stephen Ferguson and a detailed bibliographical listing of Derrydale imprints. Of the 171 entries for Derrydale in this bibliography, the Library has ALL but 13 entries. The ExB copy of the Derrydale bibliography is marked for the Library's holdings. There is a list of those Derrydales not held in the Collections File.

    For further particulars refer to the Winter 1979 exhibition catalogue: Stephen Ferguson. The Gentleman's Recreation: Sporting Books in the Princeton University Library (Princeton, 1979) [(ExB) 00639.739 no. 39]. [full text] .

    The collection is catalogued; records for them are in the Library's online catalogue. They are shelved and arranged separately with call number Connett Collection. 

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