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  • Holden Collection: Gift of Arthur C. Holden.

    The entire collection is catalogued and dispersed throughout the General Rare Book Collection (Ex).

    Given in 1974, this is a collection of material having to do with Utopias, communist and socialist societies, and attempts to solve the problems of political and social justice.

    Collection contains over 200 bound volumes, published from the 16th century to the present. Also many pamphlets and early periodicals, so that the number of individual pieces comes to more than 1000.

    Works by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Montesquieu, Saint-Simon, and Etienne Cabet, Bastiat and Condorcet, rounding out the French writers. English social philosophers from Sir Thomas More to Robert Owen. American writers who founded and wrote about such communities as Brook Farm, the Oneida Community, Hopedale Community, and the Society of Separatists of Zoar. Important works by John Humphrey Noyes, Charles Nordhoff, W.A. Hinds, and Adin Ballou, as well as contemporary material on the Shakers.

    Most important: Jean Bodin. Les Six Livres de la Republique (Lyons, 1593); Thomas More. Utopia. (London, 1624); Charles Fourier. De l'Anarchie Industrielle (1847); Robert Owen. Report to the County of Lanark of a Plan for Relieving Public Distress ... by Giving ... Employment to the Poor and Working Classes ... (Glasgow, 1821). Inscribed by Owen to the great naturalist Baron Cuvier; Marquis de Mirabeau. L'Ami des Hommes (Hague, 1758-1760) [bound in 10 volumes].

    Pamphlets of the Shaker and Oneida Communities, and other similar 19th century American ephemera:


    Ballou, Adin (1803-1890) Christian non-resistance ... (1846) [(Ex) 5397.956.143]; History of the Hopedale Community (reprint of the 1897 ed. in the open stacks, HX656.H7 B2 1972).

    Hinds, William Alfred. American Communities: brief sketches of Economy, Zoar, Bethel; Aurora, Amana, Icaria, The Shakers, Oneida, Wallingford, and the Brotherhood of the New Life (Oneida: Office of the American Socialist, 1878) [(Ex) HX653 .H58].

    More, Sir Thomas, Saint (1478-1535). Habes candide lector opusculum illud ... nova insula Utopia(Paris, 1517) [(Ex) 3865.5.392.129].

    Nordhoff, Charles (1830-1901). California: for health, pleasure, residence (1872-74) [Rollins]; The Communistic Societies of the United States (1875) [(ExW) HX653 .N76].

    Noyes, John Humphrey (1811-1886). Confessions of John H. Noyes. Part I. Confession of Religious Experience (1849) [(Ex) HX656.O5 N8].

    Owen, Robert (1771-1858). The Book of the New Moral World [(Ex) HX696 .09 1842]; Debate on the Evidences of Christianity (1829) [(Ex) 60091.692]; Development of the origin and effects of moral evil ... (1838) [(Ex) 6390.401.692]; Essays on the Formation of the Human Character (1813-1814) [(Ex) HX696 .O9 1813].

    Warren, Josiah (known as the first American anarchist). Practical Applications of the Elementary Principles of True Civilization ... (1873) [(Ex) HM101 .W3].


    The Phalanx. N.Y. (1843-1845). Continued by The Harbinger. Brook Farm and N.Y. (1845-1848).

    Oneida Circular. Oneida, N.Y. Vols. II, III, VI, VIII, and X to XIII (1865-1876).

    The Witness (Oneida). Ithaca and Putney. Vol. I Nos. 1-26.

    Oneida Community Daily. (1868), Nos. 1-71.

    The Perfectionist and Theocratic Watchman, 1837-1846 [(Ex) BX8795.P4 A7f].

    Shaker Manifesto, v. 9-16, 1879-1886, (Ex) BX9751 .xS5

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