Fontaine des Bains d’Apollon dans le Jardin de Versailles

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[Fountain of the Baths of Apollo in the Garden of Versailles]
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Plans, vues, et ornements de Versailles

After the demolition of the Grotto in 1684, its five main sculptures were moved to the Bosquet des Dômes (Dome Grove), where they were placed between two marble pavilions that had been erected in 1677 (destroyed in 1820). This new arrangement, seen here, lasted only twenty years: in 1704, the three central groups were again relocated to a different grove closer to the palace. In 1778, this latter setting was spectacularly redesigned by Hubert Robert (1733–1808) as a naturalistic grotto with cascade; this is the fountain known today as the Baths of Apollo, which includes casts of the original marble groups.

Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology.