Architecture Library

This library supports teaching and research in the areas of architecture and design, history and theory of architecture, professional practice, urban studies and planning, urban and environmental design, and urban history.

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East Asian Library

The East Asian Library collects materials in practically all subjects in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, as well as works on Chinese, Japanese and Korean linguistics and literatures in Western languages.  Although the Gest Library was originally begun with the acquisition of many rare books, today it is the working collection that supports all kinds of research done in the Department and Program of East Asian Studies.

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Engineering Library

This library supports teaching and research in all engineering disciplines, including energy and environment and computer science. 

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Firestone Library

This library serves as the main library on campus and assumes primary responsibility for humanities and social sciences collections and specialized research support services.

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Lewis Science Library

This library supports teaching and research in Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, and Psychology, and includes the Map and Geospatial Information Center. 

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Marquand Art Library

Marquand is one of the oldest and most extensive art libraries in America. The collection of some 500,000 volumes covers world art and architecture from antiquity to the present, and includes distinguished rare book holdings. The library was fully renovated in 2003 and occupies 46,000 square feet on five floors of McCormick Hall. Marquand serves the Princeton University community and scholars from around the world, attracting over 150,000 visitors a year.

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Mendel Music Library

The Mendel Music Library holds books, scores, microfilms, and sound and video recordings focused on all aspects of classical, popular, and world music, jazz, and dance, and offers playing and viewing equipment for all media formats.

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Mudd Manuscript Library

This library houses both the Public Policy Papers collection and the Princeton University Archives, which documents the history of the University, including the activities of students, faculty, alumni, and trustees.

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Plasma Physics Library

This library is located off campus at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and contains materials on thermonuclear fusion, plasma physics, fusion reactor technology, optics, and ionized gases.

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Rare Books and Special Collections

The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, located in the Harvey S. Firestone Library and the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, is one of the premier repositories of its kind. Its holdings span five millennia and five continents, and include around 200,000 rare or significant printed works; 30,000 linear feet of textual materials, ranging from cuneiform tablets to contemporary manuscripts; a wealth of prints, drawings, photographs, maps, coins, and other visual materials; the Cotsen Children's Library; and the Princeton University Archives. The privately owned Scheide Library is associated with the Department.

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This library is a high-density, environmentally-controlled shelving facility jointly owned and operated by Princeton, Columbia, and New York Public Library.

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Stokes Library

This library maintains course reserve readings for the Woodrow Wilson School; a core set of journals and reference materials for public and international affairs; and the renowned Ansley J. Coale Population Research Collection.

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Video Library

This library, officially a unit of the Office of Information Technology, houses the videos and DVDs acquired and catalogued by the Library. Viewing equipment and other a/v-related services are available.

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