Data and Statistical Services

Data and Statistical Services

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Assistance with a statistical package (R, Stata, or SPSS) or social science statistical methodology, is available by appointment.  Data Services Specialists can help you in downloading, formatting, reshaping, or analyzing data. They also provide assistance with social science methodology.  Service will not be available July 15-25. To identify and locate data, contact a subject specialist.

DSS Study Lab

Data and Statistical Services (DSS) advises Princeton University student, faculty, and staff on choosing appropriate data, application of quantitative research methods, the interpretation of statistical analyses, data conversion, and data visualization. Subject specialists help choose appropriate data. The statistical packages supported by consultants are R/R Studio and Stata.  Limited help is provided for Matlab, Python (for text mining and social science applications), SAS and SPSS. Statistical and software assistance is provided in quantitative analysis of electronic data as part of independent research projects, such as junior papers, senior theses, term papers, dissertations, and scholarly articles. 

Please note: Students are welcome to use our data analysis guides and computing services. DSS consultants, however, we do not provide assistance with homework assignments, problem sets, or take-home exams.

Workshops are being added to the schedule with more to come! Please sign up.