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Collecting for Princeton

The Princeton University Library collections are rich and diverse, with more than 7 million printed works, 5 million manuscripts, and 2 million non-print items including archival materials, maps, prints, coins, and incunabula. Extensive digital holdings are represented by primary sources, data, images, electronic databases, e-books and journals, music and audio files, and video. Princeton's collections grow and develop through careful selections and purchases by 53 Subject Specialists, gifts to the Library, and cooperative collection development programs with other research institutions and consortia such as Borrow Direct, NERL (NorthEast Research Libraries), CRL (Center for Research Libraries) and VALE (NJ Libraries Consortium).

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New Acquisitions

Each year, Princeton University Library has the opportunity to add very special items to its holdings of print, digital, non-print and manuscript material either through acquisition or as gifts to the Library. We have chosen some of these titles added this year to highlight. They may also be found by searching the Library’s Online Catalog.

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New Acquisitions in Graphic Arts