Borrow Direct




Borrow Direct is a patron-initiated borrowing and lending service of physical books offered by Princeton University Library and twelve partner libraries--Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, and Yale.


The University members eligible for the service:

  1. Currently enrolled Princeton students who are authorized to be on campus and have an active PUID
  2. Current Princeton faculty who are authorized to be on campus and have an active PUID
  3. Currently active Princeton staff members who are authorized to be on campus and have an active PUID

Categories 1) and 2) above will include research, technical and other professional staff with a permanent appointment at the University.

Borrow Direct material is only available for pick-up at Firestone Library, usually within seven business days.  You will receive email notification when the material is ready for pick-up. 

The lending library may recall an item at any time, and assign a new due date. Overdue recalled items accrue fines of $1.00 per day, up to a $90.00 maximum per item.  If a book is not recalled, but overdue, normal overdue fines of $.25 per day will apply. Please do not take Borrow Direct materials out of the country, as this makes it difficult to return items on time, especially if items are recalled.

Borrow Direct Plus is a service available to faculty, staff and students at Borrow Direct partner libraries. The service allows for short term onsite borrowing at Borrow Direct libraries. It does not allow for the pickup of regular Borrow Direct requests at other institutions. Users who have accounts in good standing will have access to circulating materials at any of the participating libraries. When visiting one of these libraries, members of the Borrow Direct Plus community will need to show their campus ID card and log into their home library account to show their current status; once verified, they will be issued a library card. Items, collections and participating libraries on each campus will vary by institution. The lending library’s policies and loan periods for onsite borrowing are similar to those for guest borrowers, and it is recommended that users considering a visit to one of the libraries view their policies ahead of time

For more information about Borrow Direct, consult our Frequently Asked Questions


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