Using the Library Off-Campus


Most of the Library's electronic resources are available to registered students, faculty, and staff when away from campus, including while abroad. The Library offers two means of remote access EZproxy, and through the University's VPN Services. A select number of electronic resources are also available to Alumni. 


The EZproxy service requires no configuration. It can be used directly from our Articles and Databases listings and resources in the Library's catalog. Off-campus users will be asked to supply their Princeton netIDs and passwords when first attempting to access a resource that requires authentication. Resources in the listings marked "Princeton Only" do not work through EZproxy and are available only from designated Library workstations within our physical libraries. Use the EZproxy service if you are using a public computer (hotel, public library, Internet cafe, etc.).

EZproxy Help

Need help with EZproxy, Contact Library Support. If you are having problems with a specific resource please include the URL you are trying to access in your message.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are managed by Princeton's Office of Information Technology (OIT) These require installing and configuring software compatible with your computer's operating system. At the present time only the "SonicWall Secure Mobile Access VPN" option on OIT's page is fully compatible with all Library electronic resources so please utilize that option for your research. Instructions for Windows, OS X, Linux, and mobile devices are provided. A VPN service enables the computer you are using when connected to function as if it was a part of the campus network. In addition to SonicWall OIT also offers the Global Protect VPN for use for staff and students who need to join the campus network, however at the present time that service is not compatible with many of the resources for research that the Library provides. SonicWall is the best choice if you wish to do Library research using SRA. See EZProxy if you are looking for an alternative remote research option. 

VPN Help

Need help with VPN? Contact OIT for Help or call 609-258-4357 (8-HELP). Or consult the following pages in OIT's support portal:

If you are having network trouble while using Zoom when connected to SRA it's best to disconnect your SRA session while using Zoom. 

 Alumni Access to Electronic Resources

A limited number of our electronic resources are available to Alumni. Please review the options listed on our Alumni Access page.