Using the Library Off-Campus

The majority of the Library's electronic resources (databases, eBooks, eJournals, streaming media, etc.) are available to registered students, faculty, and staff when away from campus, including while abroad. If you have questions about access to specific electronic resources, or have issues with off-campus access, please email

How do I access electronic resources off-campus?

The recommended path for accessing electronic resources off-campus is via the links on the Library’s website, by searching the catalog, Articles+, the A-Z Resources List, Research Guides, etc. These links are configured to provide authorized users with access even while off-campus. Users will be required to enter their University NetID and password to authenticate and gain access to electronic resources.

Additional tools for accessing electronic resources

The Library offers additional tools for accessing electronic resources. Click here for details. 

How do I access data files hosted on Princeton University servers?

To access data files hosted on Princeton University servers (DSS, GIS, etc.), you first need to connect to the GlobalProtect VPN (Virtual Private Network). Instructions can be found here: After you have connected to GlobalProtect, you will then be able to access data files via the links on the Library’s website.

Alumni Access to Electronic Resources

A limited number of the Library’s electronic resources are available to alumni. Please review the options listed on our Alumni Access page.