Getting Started in Data Analysis using Stata and R

Data and Statistical Services

  Stata R
Overview Stata Tutorial  R Tutorial
R or Stata - Differences Rstata Rstata
Applying Code to multiple files LoopStata LoopR
Cubic Interpolation   CubicInterpolationR
Data Preparation & Descriptive Statistics DataPrepStata  
Data Visualization StataViz Rviz
Descriptive Statistics DescriptiveStata DescriptiveR
Differences-in Differences DIDStata DIDR
Factor Analysis Factor FactorR
Fixed Random Effects/Panel Data  FixedPanelStata FixedPanelR
Linear Regression RegressionStata RegressionR
Logit & Ordered Logit Regression LogitStata LogitR
Merge/Append MergeStata MergeR
Merge - Fuzzy Merge   FuzzyR
Missing Data MIStata    
Multilevel Analysis MultiLevelStata  
Output tables OutregStata OutputR
Predicted Probabilities & Marginal Effects after logit/probit MarginsStata LogitR
Reshape data ReshapeStata ReshapeR
Time Series TimeSeriesStata TimeSeriesR
Converting from SAS SAStoStata  
From Stata 13 to 10-12 StataRevert  
Additional Resources for learning Statistical Packages MoreStata MoreR / Exploring R @ Princeton
Using in Virtual Desktops StataVD  
Using in Adroit AdroitStata AdroitR


Additional Help for Excel

Descriptive Statistics  
XML to Excel  

Sage Research Methods is an excellent source for finding more about methodology.