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Guide to Sorting Monographic Receipts and Gifts

1. Follow any instructions in the order’s Note and Line item defaults such as “give to circ for…”. “Uncat to…”, “AC of …”, etc. Please note that there are special instructions for marking records for copies ordered as Acx or replacements for Lost and Missing items.

2. Sort out Special cases:

  • Titles for Rare Books locations should be given to the Rare Books specialist or MAU supervisor. THEY SHOULD NOT BE MARKED IN ANY WAY.

  • Rush receipts – Give to Rush assistant if LC cataloging; Give to appropriate Cataloging Team Leader if not

  • East Asian language materials for any location are put on the New CJK Receipts shelf.

3. For the remaining titles, catalog all books with LC or LC-like copy using the Win-g macro. See LC Copy Guidelines for instructions on determining LC copy. New booksets with LC copy should go on the LC Bookset/Added volumes shelf in the Monograph Acquisitions unit.

4. For the remaining titles, the following should be treated as Member copy. Write "Member" on the receipt slip and sort to the Member copy truck. It must have

  • A full 050 or 090 (for example, HN690 but not HN)
  • At least one 6xx field with a second indicator of 0 (for example, 650 _0 but not 650 _7)
  • Works of fiction (Novels, poetry, short stories, etc) do not need a 6xx field, just the full 050 or 090

5. For the remaining titles: The following should be treated as No hold. Write "NH" and the reason on the receipt slip and deliver it to the No Copy truck. For example : NH-loc, NH-selector request, NH-fragile.

  • Non-LC booksets
  • Multiple copies
  • Oversize materials (Firestone hold locations only) or undersize materials
  • Loose-page or unbound material or other material unfit for Hold
  • Mixed media
  • Books for No Hold locations
  • Books with brief records from Shelf Direct processed approval plans
  • See also Sorting and delivery guidelines for more information.

The oversize material refers to Firestone hold materials only and is defined as items that will not fit on a shelf when laid on their spine, about 22.5 cm.

6. The remaining books are treated as Hold material . Write "Hold" or "SA hold" on the slip and deliver it to the No Copy truck.

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