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LC Copy Cataloging

The category of records that we treat as "LC copy" includes includes all PCC records, as long as they include an LC-type call number (050 in OCLC).  Thus, "LC copy" is not limited to records with DCLC in the ID.

Guidelines and Order of Preference for LC copy:
"LC" Category

DCLC  Full    

Any library Full  
XBCP  Full  
PCC Full  
DCLC Core  
PCC Core  
DCLC prepub  


 PCC records can be identified in the PRI display by "PCC" in the FUL display by the 042 field containing the code "pcc."  To be treated as LC copy a PCC record must have an 050 field containing at least a class number (subfield a).

All other copy will be treated as member copy, including PCC records lacking an 050.

Cataloging treatment:

All records from the above categories will be cataloged following LC copy guidelines. Catalogers should be alert to two EXCEPTIONS as detailed below.

Series:  If the 4xx or 8xx field is modified in any way, delete PCC coding .  Change the CSC code to "d" and remove the entire 042  PCC field.

Call numbers:  PCC records need only provide a call number for the general classification in the 050 field.  If the call number lacks a subfield b (cuttering for the individual book) add it according to the Cutter number table. Also add a date to the end of the call number according to Catalog Division documentation regarding dates in call numbers. Put the completed call number in the holdings record 852 Subfield h. Do not alter the 050 on the bibliographic record.


042 pcc
050 4 TK7872.T55-
100 2 Elshabini-Riad, Aicha A. R.
245 10 Thin film technology handbook /|-cAicha A.R. Elshabini-Riad,
260 New York :-|bMcGraw-Hill,-|cc1998.

The 050 in the PCC record contains only the class number (subfield a):TK7872.T55.  Add a cutter number from the table for the main entry: |bE473 (from the main entry) and the imprint date 1998 to complete the call number: TK7872.T55E473 1998.