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Record Creation from Templates

Templates are one way in which you can create bibliographic, holding and authority records, when there is no cataloging copy available from RLIN or OCLC. Templates allow you to use a pre-defined MARC record to create new records easily. There are many templates to choose from, and they are made for specific purposes.

The names of templates for use by Order Division staff start with the word "Order" ; for example, "Order Book", "Order Map", etc. Templates can also be created for special purposes and stored on your local hard drive. You should be aware that it will disappear from your Voyager files each time the system is upgraded. If you have personal templates, be sure to keep a copy in a folder unrelated to Voyager so that you can add it after system upgrades.

You many set a default template in the Session Defaults and Preferences ; or, you may set your workstation so that you must choose a template each time you want to create a new brief record. The instructions below pertain having a default template set on your workstation.

  • Click on New record icon (page with turned-down corner). The template that has been set as the default in your Session defaults and preferences, appears. This template is in MARC format
  • Complete the Record
    • Fill in the date and language in the 008 field
    • Complete the appropriate fields in the record with the information on hand. Delete any empty fields before saving
    • Use control-shift-p to invoke the macro to add a 904 field.

Helpful hint : Use the F9 key to create a delimiter symbol. Use F2 when clicking in a field for help with MARC tags.

  • Save the record to the database by clicking on the Boat icon. Your bibliographic record is now complete.
If you are creating an order, you are finished in the Cataloging module. If you are creating a record for a book in hand, you must create a holdings and item record.