Using the Firestone Floor Plans

Understanding the system of alphabetical and numerical co-ordinates used on the floor plans will help you locate what you are looking for in the building—whether a book, a storage locker, a room, or a collection other than (F) that is located in the Firestone Library, such as the Classics Collection (Clas), the Periodicals Reading Room (PR), and many others.

Firestone Compass Card, positioned within the Library floors

B Floor Compass Card

When you step out of a public elevator, look down at the large floor tile representing a compass card to orient yourself. (The card shown here is for B Floor. Newer compass cards have been installed on 2, 3, A, and C.)

Postion of Firestone on Campus, bordered on the north by Nassau Street, and on the East by Washington Road

Firestone Site

Bear in mind that north is towards Nassau Street and south is towards the Chapel. East is towards Washington Road. West is towards East Pyne and Chancellor Green.

With the exception of the Main Floor, the floors are made up of sections that measure approximately 18 by 25 feet and are ordinarily defined by a large pier at each corner. These piers are represented by black rectangles on the floor plans.

The floor plans show rows of sections running north and south and marked from 1 to 19. B and C Floors have two additional rows of north-south sections on the west side that are marked I and II.

Co-ordinate Grid of Firestone


The lettered rows run east and west and are marked from A to J (I is omitted) above B Floor and from A to P (I and O are omitted) on B and C Floors.

The point at which a north-south row of sections intersects an east-west row is designated by both a numeral and a letter of the alphabet. These two designations are preceded by a numeral or a letter indicating the floor. Thus the area designated A-7-F is a section on A Floor that is directly adjacent to the Library classroom.

Some sections are subdivided. Co-ordinates for those spaces include a number after the row letter: B-15J-1 is a carrel in section 15-J on B Floor.

The green Call Number Information sheet indicates the co-ordinates of the section in which the books at the beginning of a given range of call numbers are shelved. The plan for the floor specified in the co-ordinates will help you understand how all of the books in that range are shelved, where books in other call number ranges and in collections other than (F) are shelved on that floor, and where you will find bathrooms, photocopiers, scanners, telephones, and other services and offices.

Click on the "Where to find it" link in the catalog record for up-to-date information about the location of any item.

Please do not hesitate to ask any member of the Library staff for help in using the Main Catalog or finding materials in the libraries.