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Interlibrary Loan Lending Services to Other Libraries

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*The minimum fee per request is $20 IFM/$30 Invoice for all copies (regardless of location) and for loans sent to North American libraries, and $30 IFM, $40 Invoice or 4 IFLA vouchers to for loans shipped to libraries elsewhere.

*Payment is accepted via check, money order, or IFLA vouchers (NO credit card payments or bank transfers).

Article: minimum fee includes first 50 exposures per request;

Loan: minimum fee includes up to 6 volumes or reels

*SHARES Exception: $10 IFM for ALL copies (regardless of location) and loans to North American Libraries.

A/V Policies:

*CDs are loaned within the US and Canada ONLY and must be returned via UPS, FEDEX, DHL, CD&L, or other trackable courier.

*VHS/DVDs are loaned within the US ONLY and must be returned via UPS, FEDEX, DHL, CD&L, or other trackable courier with the following restrictions: 1-week's use, Library-Use-Only, No Renewals (classroom use also allowed for the class period only).

*DVD/VHS from Lewis (Science) and Architecture libraries are not available for interlibrary loan.

Major non-circulating collections at Princeton:

Architecture Library books will be loaned within the US ONLY; other materials in the Architecture Library remain non-circulating.

Marquand Library (Art and Archaeology collections.  Copies will be made within limits from Marquand rare and general stacks collections IF condition warrants)

Special Collections, including:

  • Cotsen Children's Library
  • Graphic Arts
  • Manuscripts
  • Mudd Library
  • Scheide Library
  • Undergraduate theses (Contact Mudd Library at for a photocopy estimate 

Data & Statistical Services

Government Documents

Miriam Y. Holden Collection

Pliny Fisk


International Lending:

*The charge for an international LOAN is $30 IFM, $40 Invoice or 4 IFLA vouchers to all libraries outside of North America.

*We prefer to receive IFM or IFLA vouchers as payment but will also accept checks or money orders. (NO payments via credit card or bank transfers)

*Princeton dissertations, microforms, serials, and audio-visual materials are NOT loaned outside of the United States and Canada.

*DVD/VHS are NOT loaned to Canadian libraries.

*The normal shipping method is airmail; we can accommodate other shipping methods and carriers upon request. There may be additional shipping charges.

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