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Interlibrary Loan Lending Services to Other Libraries

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Non-OCLC libraries must register here. If your library has already registered with us, you can logon here.

Lending Fees:

*The minimum fee per request is $20 IFM/$30 Invoice for all copies (regardless of location) and for loans sent to North American libraries, and $30 IFM, $40 Invoice or 4 IFLA vouchers to for loans shipped to libraries elsewhere.

*Payment is accepted via check, money order, or IFLA vouchers (NO credit card payments or bank transfers).

Article: minimum fee includes first 50 exposures per request;

Loan: minimum fee includes up to 6 volumes or reels

*SHARES Exception: $10 IFM for ALL copies (regardless of location) and loans to North American Libraries.

Lost or damaged items: 

Payment for lost items may be made by check or money order. Please contact our interlibrary lending office so we may issue an invoice if an item is lost or damaged.

A/V Policies:

*CDs are loaned within the US and Canada ONLY and must be returned via UPS, FEDEX, DHL, CD&L, or other trackable courier.

*VHS/DVDs are loaned within the US ONLY and must be returned via UPS, FEDEX, DHL, CD&L, or other trackable courier with the following restrictions: 1-week's use, Library-Use-Only, No Renewals (classroom use also allowed for the class period only).

*DVD/VHS from Lewis (Science) and Architecture libraries are not available for interlibrary loan.

Major non-circulating collections at Princeton:

Architecture Library books will be loaned within the US ONLY; other materials in the Architecture Library remain non-circulating.

Marquand Library (Art and Archaeology collections.  Copies will be made within limits from Marquand rare and general stacks collections IF condition warrants)

Special Collections, including:

  • Cotsen Children's Library
  • Graphic Arts
  • Manuscripts
  • Mudd Library
  • Scheide Library
  • Undergraduate theses (Contact Mudd Library at for a photocopy estimate 

Data & Statistical Services

Government Documents

Miriam Y. Holden Collection

Pliny Fisk


International Lending:

*The charge for an international LOAN is $30 IFM, $40 Invoice or 4 IFLA vouchers to all libraries outside of North America.

*We prefer to receive IFM or IFLA vouchers as payment for loans, but will also accept checks or money orders. (NO payments via credit card or bank transfers)

*If an item is lost or damaged, please request an invoice. Payment for lost and damaged items may be made by check or money order. 

*Princeton dissertations, microforms, serials, and audio-visual materials are NOT loaned outside of the United States and Canada.

*DVD/VHS are NOT loaned to Canadian libraries.

*The normal shipping method is airmail; we can accommodate other shipping methods and carriers upon request. There may be additional shipping charges.

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