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Alejandra Pizarnik Papers

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Consists primarily of writings in the form of diaries (1954-1972), notebooks (circa
1956- 1972), and poetry, fiction, and non-fiction manuscripts ([195?]-1972). The
diaries contain some text manuscripts in addition to the typical diary entries, while
the notebooks combine manuscripts, drawings, notes, and letters. The majority of the
poetry, fiction, and non-fiction manuscripts are individually titled or identified by
their first verse or line; but there are others grouped together as per Pizarnik's
original order or in miscellaneous edited and unedited manuscript folders. The
correspondence received by Pizarnik is not extensive, but includes many Latin
American literary figures. There are also a few letters written by the poet to
others, as well as a small selection of artwork by Pizarnik and others, printed
material, and miscellanea.