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Allan Marquand Papers

The collection contains the personal papers of Allan Marquand--including manuscripts,correspondence, photographs, miscellaneous material, and printed matter--reflectinghis career in the art world, especially as an expert and cataloguer of the works ofthe Robbia family. Included are manuscripts for Decoration of the Ceppo Hospital at Pistoia (1902), Della Robbias in America (1912), "Some Works by Donatello in America" (1913), and Strzygowski and His Theory of Early Christian Art (1910).There is also material dating from his earlier years as a student when his interestswere in the field of theology and philosophy, specifically, logic.The papers as a whole contain material for historians of Princetoniana, for there ismaterial both direct and tangential which deals with the life of Marquand thestudent, founder of the Department of Art and Archaeology, chairman of thedepartment, director of the art museum, and founder of the library that was laternamed for him. Related material includes the manuscript for "Painting by HieronymusBosch in the Princeton Art Museum." Marquand's interests extended into the greaterPrinceton community, and the collection chronicles the history of the PrincetonBattle Monument, culminating in its dedication in 1922.Included in the collection are the papers of Eleanor Cross Marquand, wife of AllanMarquand and an authority in her own right on the identification of plant symbolismin art. Many of the notes, manuscripts, photographs, and slides she used for herarticles and speeches can be found here. There are also papers of Marquand's father,Henry Gurdon Marquand, one of the founders and original benefactors of theMetropolitan Museum of Art.