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University Land Records

The University Land Records consist of deeds, mortgages, bonds, other legal papers, and maps concerning the acquisition, disposition, or description of University properties. Most of the papers are original though some photocopies are present. The papers consist primarily of standard legal documents with detailed descriptions of the properties in question, as well as maps and surveys of existing University land.The collection also contains photocopies of deeds, correspondence and papers from other University administrative units, the Mercer County Clerk's Office, the New-York Historical Society and other research facilities gathered by Gerald Breese during research for his book Princeton University Land (1986). Some of Breese's research notes are included and he annotated many of the photocopies.The collection also contains maps and surveys of Princeton University lands, primarily but not exclusively the main campus. While most of the maps are of a standard type, a few are of a humorous or cartoonish nature, and a few of the surveys were conducted by students.