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Zelda Fitzgerald Papers

The collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, miscellaneous notes andrelated material, documents, pictures, clippings, and photographs of ZeldaFitzgerald. Included are the typescript, set for printer, of Save Me the Waltz (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons,1932), manuscripts (mostly typescripts) of short stories, articles, and her play Scandalabra , and tear sheets of some of herpublished articles and stories: "Big Top," "Caesar's Things," "Choreography ofan Idea," "Janno and Jacob," "Other Names for Roses," "Show Mr. and Mrs. F. toNumber...," and "Unembellished." Also present is a portrait drawing by Zelda ofher husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and several other drawings. There are lettersto her daughter, Frances Scott Fitzgerald (married name, Scottie FitzgeraldSmith), correspondence with other people, such as Ludlow Fowler, Charles Kalman,Margaret Turnbull, George Nathan, and others, and correspondence between variousfamily members. Correspondence between Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald is gatheredin his Papers (C0187). Additions to her papers consist of a family scrapbook of photographs, clippingsand memorabilia, dating from Zelda's childhood to 1927, and an album, compiledby Eleanor Lanahan in 1997, entitled Zelda by Herself, The Art of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald , which contains a 45-page catalogand 235 color slides of all of the known art works of Zelda Fitzgerald and theirvarious locations. A later addition includes a jacket worn by Zelda, aphotograph of Zelda, Lane Montgomery's notes about Zelda from her writings, andher correspondence with Scottie Fitzgerald Smith (daughter of Zelda and F. ScottFitzgerald) and others about Zelda and William Luce's play Zelda (1984) in which Ms. Montgomery collaborated and performed.