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Approval Plan Processing Overview


List of Plans

What is an approval plan?

An approval plan is a contractual arrangement with a vendor to automatically send books with certain common characteristics to a library.  The books are reviewed by a selector upon receipt and any unwanted book may be returned.  Each approval plan has a specific fund and default location assigned to it.

List of Current Approval Plans

General processing guidelines

Because we may already own the book for  the designated location or another location, or have the book on order, each book must be fully searched in Voyager before being processed, including checking for any series standing orders.  Because orders may have been placed at a time when full and accurate information for the title in question was not available, it is necessary to use the guidelines of preorder searching when checking Voyager.

N.B. It is not sufficient to do an ISBN search. Pre-existing orders may not have an ISBN as part of the bibliographic record.

Follow through the remainder of the process depending on the type of record loading for your plan: bulk-loaded or not.

Plans without bulk-loaded records

Plans with bulk-loaded records

Processing Approval Invoices and Tracking Returns

See posted procedure Processing Approval Invoices.

Appendix I contains Approval PO Default Values.

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