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Using the Ordering Macro

Using the macro

  • Add a new bibliographic record to the database as usual, and save it. Or, if you are ordering an added copy, bring up the bibliographic record. Be sure that the bibliographic record you wish to order is the active record in the Cataloging Window.

  • Hit win/alt/o to invoke the macro.

  • When the macro has finished running, you will have a pending purchase order with a line item added. Look at the line item to be sure the correct title added. Click Quick Line item On, highlight the line item, and click on Details to add your price. Do any other necessary updating and approve the order.

  • Save and close the order. Do not leave it open or the macro will not run correctly for the next book you order.

If you are ordering an ACX, you must create the new holdings record, save it, and return to the bibliographic record before invoking the macro. Then, when you are putting in the price in the Quick Line Item, be sure to link the order to the new holdings record.


The most common cause of problems with the macro is timing. Should the macro seem to hang, you can terminate it. While the macro is running, the red M icon on the lower right-hand corner of your PC monitor turns into a small black running figure. To terminate it, right click on the icon.

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