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Search & Order Guidelines



  • Sorts and indicates vendor / vendor notes

  • Highlights any instructions from selector

  • Estimates price if necessary

  • Indicates special instructions such as “eds./AC’s  Ok “ if this can be determined.


  • In Voyager, performs series check. if necessary

  • Checks BIP or other online sources if appropriate

  • In Voyager Cataloging, searches OCLC via Z39.50 protocol to identify records for import.  Imports records when possible, inputs brief records if necessary. Follows the Quick Order procedure if possible.

  • In Voyager Acquisitions, creates orders for the titles added to Cataloging.

  • Includes appropriate instructions to vendor in line item note, e.g. Catalog 177,#13

  • Includes appropriate instructions/information based on results of search in line item note, e.g. Ed. of…

  • Refers questions and problems to supervisor, such as different choice of vendor dictated by OCLC copy found, etc.

  • Is alert to instructions (or lack thereof) from selector regarding editions, AC’s, etc. and contacts selector when necessary for a decision (see Order Division Edition policy)

  • Most important, the searcher keeps in mind that no one will be reviewing the searching to catch any problems or errors ; therefore, it must be done completely and correctly the first time. When in doubt, don’t order !!

  • Each item is counted as a search and order on statistics. (Duplicates found in searching are counted as searches only)
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