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A few words on monographic series:

Monographic series records are suppressed from the OPAC. The appropriate series record can usually be identified by the following:

Bib record: Encoding level of 5
050 field “MonoSer”
Holdings record:   852 |h “Cataloged separately”

A series that was formerly treated as a true serial, and is now treated monographically, should have multiple holdings attached; one with volumes added, and one with 852 |h Cataloged separately.

Other complications can arise from the form of the series. An author’s collected works cataloged as separates rather than as a bookset is often traced and controlled differently than the way the standing order is set up.

For example, our order for the Gesamtausgabe of Martin Heidegger published by Klostermann is set up under the title Works / Martin Heidegger. The series appearing on some volumes is Gesamtausgabe. III. Abteilung. Searching “works martin heidegger” or “gesamtausgabe martin heidegger” as a Journal Title brings up the bibliographic record for our order.

Finally, in general our policy is not to place standing orders for unnumbered monographic series, but in practice there are a few such orders. There are also some orders for monographs where there is not a true series present, such as ACM package, or proceedings of conferences and meetings, such as those at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

See Appendix A for sample Monographic Series Bibliographic and Holdings records for Monographic Series.

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