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Search and Order for Blackwell's Collection Manager and YBP's Gobi


Selectors receive notification reports according to profiles they set up in Blackwell's Collection Manager and YBP's Gobi for books being published in their subject areas in the US and the UK. They mark the titles they are interested in. Typically we create files of requests from each individual selector so that all the requests on the page are most likely for one fund and location, although there may be some special locations requested by Firestone selectors.

Guidelines for selectors

Selecting titles via Collection Manager can be an efficient way to process order requests with a quick turn-around time. Greatest efficiency can be achieved if selectors follow these CM guidelines and Gobi guidelines.

Placing the Orders

Selections from Blackwells Collection Manager are downloaded and run through macros to create pending multiple line purchase orders. Most of the records on the order are OCLC catalog records and therefore of high quality, often Library of Congress records. When such records are used searching is not necessary except for standing order checks. When brief records must be used, a standard title and author search is performed in Voyager. Added copies are referred to selectors for decision.

While the format of records downloaded from YBP's Gobi is different than those coming from Collection Manager,and therefore require their own macros, the same basic procedure is followed.

N.B. No sets should be ordered on multiple line purchase orders. Titles found to be sets are deleted from the purchase order and put on a new order.