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Pre-order Searching Tips

1. Basic preorder searching is done in the Cataloging module.

a. If using Non-Keyword, use Title (BIB) index for title searches and Names (BIB) for author searches.

b. Use Builder or Keyword to combine author and title searches easily.

If using Builder, be sure to select the appropriate search description (any of these, all of these, as a phrase) and the correct index (search in).

2. To search a series of titles quickly, use ALT/R/S to bring up a new search box instead of using the mouse to click on the Search icon.

3. If you find a match, you must click on the record structure icon (or ALT/R/W) to see what the location and status is.

4. Series checking must be done using the link to the Acquistions module. Once an item is cataloged, the on-order status no longer displays in the record structure in Cataloging.

See posted procedure Series Checks in Voyager.