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Series Checks in Voyager

3. To view any order(s) attached to a specific bibliographic record, click on Record menu>View line items in Acquisitions.

  • If there is one line item attached, it will pop up as a tabbed Detail Line Item display in Acquisitions.  This display has a link to the purchase order.

    • A serials single order or bookset single volume order will have the order type Firm order. Receipt status will be seen from the color of the line and the purchase order status in the title bar. Check the vendor instructions for the issue(s) ordered.

    •  A standing order will have the order type Continuation. To check for a particular volume receipt, go to step 4. 

  • If there are multiple line items attached, you will get a list (sometimes minimized) of the lines items. You must select one at a time to display.

  • If there is no line item attached to this bib record, you will get a message “This title does not appear on any purchase order” (meaning, no standing order exists).

4. To check for a receipt of a continuation, click on the Check-in tab on the list bar. Then, click on the Serials history icon. Do a Check-in title search.

  • If there is a match, double-click the line to bring up the serials receipt, claim and problem history.

See Appendix B for sample record

  • If there is not a match, try the Other search option, which allows you to do any type of bibliographic search; or, try an ISSN search.  If you still cannot bring up a record, there is no component attached to the order, meaning we have not received any volumes against the order.

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