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YBP's Gobi Citations

Guidelines for selectors

1. Gobi is most efficient when you use it as a tool for requesting titles that have been sent to you as electronic form selections.

It is still efficient, although less so, if you mark other current or forthcoming titles which have not been sent to you as form selections.

2. Gobi is not the best tool for ordering replacements or added copies.These can be most quickly ordered by sending an email to Order Division, preferably including the Bibliographic ID number with fund information. If you decide to request these titles via Gobi, you must include a note indicating "AC OK" or "ACX OK" as appropriate. Be aware, however, that we may not order them from YBP, in which case the requested item will never have an "on order" status in Gobi.

Booksets listed with volume numbers should not be ordered via Gobi unless there is a note indicating "standing order wanted" or "this volume only." If there is no explanatory note the citation will be returned to you for decision.

3. Gobi is not an appropriate tool for placing a rush order, as requests are not harvested on a daily basis. You may email the citation to Order Division with the subject line "Rush order". Be sure to include the reason for the rush (rush for patron, rush for course reserve). Alternatively, use our rush order form available in the Order Division documentation/Forms site.


3. The listing of a title in Gobi does not mean that it is in stock, or even in print. Any older titles selected are processed using the full search procedure which takes much longer than the search and order procedure used for current titles.

RLIN or OCLC is a better tool for requesting such titles, and screen shots may be emailed to Order Division to request the titles.

If you wish to use Gobi to request these titles, please notify Carol Fagundus ahead of time to clear any current titles out of the request queue. This will allow for rapid ordering of the current titles, and special treatment of the retrospective titles.

Tips for selectors

Gobi supplies status information on titles on order with them. Some may also display as "shipped". This indicates that we ordered the title from Gobi, either for your location or another on campus. Be sure to check Voyager, and include an "AC OK" note if necessary.