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Remarks on Converted Orders in Voyager

1. All orders converted from Notis (or from Geac via Notis) have a  Notis order number as the Voyager order number (without the leading zeroes: for example, 1CLZ1775).

2. Note fields from the Notis record can be found in the Marc holdings record in an 852 field (although many are being removed as pieces are checked in).  To view the Marc holdings:

Click on the MARC button on the order or on the bibliographic tag of the detailed display. This opens up the bibliographic record in the cataloging module.
Click on Get Hldgs

3. Invoice information from the ’00 fiscal year can be found in the line item note field on the purchase order for continuations.  Additionaly, information from the Notis source and ref fields can be found there. (The ref field has the original Geac order number for records converted from Geac).

4. Orders have loaded with a default cancellation period of 600 days and a claim period of 120 days.

5. Vendor note fields did not load. This means that if you have a bookset or serial that loaded as a “firm order” instead of a “continuation”,it was probably limited as to volumes requested, for example an order for vol.1-2 only, or a serial single issue order. Unfortunately at this point in time there is no way to verify that information from our own records.

6. We loaded the following

8,069 records loaded as monograph firm orders
12,809 records loaded as periodicals
17,166 records loaded as continuations