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Using the Multiline Purchase Order Macro

General Description

The multiline ordering macro is invoked after a new bibliographic record is saved in Cataloging, or, alternatively, if you are ordering an added copy on an existing bibliographic record. It copies the bibliographic ID number to the clipboard, invokes the Acquisitions module, creates a purchase order line using default values. It then stops so that you can be sure it worked correctly, add the price and any notes or make any necessary changes to the default values.

Please note that you must process the books in the order they appear on the printed invoice.


Be sure that all defaults are set in Acquisitions for the Purchase order and the Line item copies/funds. Close down any open orders in Acquisitions.


  1. In Cataloging, create the bibliographic record. With the bibliographic record active, use the Win-Alt-O ordering macro to create a purchase order. (See Using the Ordering Macro).

  2. Once the line is added, highlight the line item, click Quick Line Item On

    • Add price

    • Check location

    • Fix line item type to Approval if you are creating an approval order.

  3. Leaving the order open, return to Cataloging and create the next bibliographic record.

  4. With the bibliographic record active, use the Win-Alt-Q multiline purchase order macro to add a line for the title to the existing purchase order.

  5. Repeat stems 2-4 until you have completed all the lines on the invoice.