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Documentation for Plans with bulk-loaded records

Cataloging module

Search each title using the general processing guidelines in Approval Plan Processing Overview. It is not appropriate to search using specific numbers such as ISBN or LC control number.

  • Check the record hierarchy to see the status and location. The location should be the default location for your approval plan, and the Order status should say "In the pre-order process". Any other status or location information suggests that we have a copy on order or received and your copy should not be proessed until this problem is resolved. Contact the Approvals coordinator to request possible cancellation of a firm order.

  • Use the Record menu>View line items in Acquisitions (or Alt-r-q) to verify the purchase order number. Check to see that the vendor on the order matches your invoice. Write the vendor code and the purchase order number on the invoice.

  • Overlay the bibliographic record and/or catalog the book if appropriate.

  • Check the mfhd and change the location if the selector has indicated some location other than the default location for the plan. It is not necessary to change the location on the purchase order as it will retain its link to the correct mfhd.

  • Add an item record , with In-process status.

  • Write the appropriate fund number and purchase order number in the book

  • Any book that will be going to hold or to Cataloging will need an item piece label.

Acquisitions module

No books to be returned
  • Check that the titles and prices in the Voyager approval purchase order match the printed invoice. Be sure that you have the correct number of lines.

  • You may find that if you have received multiple volumes of the same title, which are separately listed on the print invoice, that only one line loaded for that title. In that case, put volume information in the line item note for all volumes received, and edit the price to reflect the total for all volumes.

  • Approve the purchase order, being careful to uncheck Print purchase order, and check Receive on approve.
  • Books to be returned and books missing from shipment
  • Delete lines from the bulkloaded purchase order for the books being returned, or books missing from the shipment.

  • A second purchase order must be created for any approval titles being returned. See procedure at Returns Purchase Orders and Missing Books Purchase orders

Finishing Up

Write the vendor code and the Purchase Order number(s) on the invoice. Deliver complete invoices to the designated spot in Order Division. Deliver returns (with invoices included) to the designated spot in Order Division.

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