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Approvals: Returns purchase orders and Missing Book purchase orders
  • For returns, having already created a multi-line purchase order for titles being kept, create the second order using the New  Purchase Order icon.

    • IMMEDIATELY change the purchase order number to match the purchase order number for the rest of the books on the invoice, preceded by “R”. For example, if the books being kept are on purchase order no. 45678, then the returns purchase order for the same invoice should be R45678. Be sure that all the fields in the header match those in the original approval order.

  • Add lines as necessary, including appropriate prices and locations.  If the book is being returned because it is a duplicate, be sure it is linked to the holdings for the existing copy.

  • If the book is rejected, but we do not already have another copy, it will need a brief catalog record for it, which must be suppressed from the OPAC (go to the System tab on the bibliographic record  and click on Suppress from OPAC.) The bibliographic record must exactly match the book being returned; it may not be a record for a different edition. In addition, add a non-public note to the mfhd field 852, following the location sysmbol : |xApproval copy returned.

  • Put the reason for the return in the line item note on the purchase order. For example, “previously received on Micawber approval, returned.”

  • Approve the purchase order, being careful to uncheck Print purchase order, and check Receive on Approve.

  • Put returns along with invoice at designated spot in Invoice Unit.  Be sure that both the original purchase order number and the Returns purchase order number are written on the invoice.

  • For books missing from the shipment, you must create a separate purchase order. What you do with this order, and with the catalog record, depends on several issues : whether we can identify the books well enough to order them, whether we want to deduct and cancel them, etc. Please consult with an Order Division manager on the proper way to process the missing book order.