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The East Asian Library is once again welcoming outside library patrons.   Please note that visitors are still required to continue to follow the visitor policy at https://ehs.princeton.edu/VisitorPolicy#Visitor%20Policy%205-16-22.

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Latest update: 12/29/2022

Practice Sheet (HTML)


As word division must be done manually, it is strongly advised that users get familiarized with the ALA-LC Korean Romanization Table before using K-Romanizer. Otherwise K-Romanizer may yield inaccurate results.

Creative Commons License

K-Romanizer, developed by Hyoungbae Lee (Korean Studies Librarian, Princeton University) and tested for improvement by CKM Working Group on Korean Romanizer, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


 1) Windows gives a virus warning for any AutoIt-based application including K-Romanizer, which is a false positive. Please consult a local IT staff in order to add K-Romanizer to the safe program list on your work PC.
 2) If K-Romanizer does not work in OCLC Connexion, try to start it by using "Run as administrator."


 1) K-Romanizer is a stand-alone executable and no installation is required
 2) K-Romanizer can be used in conjunction with any Windows application.
 3) The icon  was taken from 東國正韻 (Tongguk chŏngun).