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For summer, holidays or recess hours, please consult the full schedule.


A Floor of Lewis Science Library in the Engineering - Lewis - Fine wing.

Lewis Science Library

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The PUL Makerspace is open to all Princeton University students, faculty, and staff. We aim to lower barriers to entry for novice users and help students learn the basics and gain confidence to take formal courses or to explore makerspaces and studios elsewhere on campus. We support the PUL mission to enrich teaching, learning, and research, and provide space for group collaboration, reflection, and exporation across disciplinary boundaries.

Thanksgiving Week Hours

Monday, 11/21: 10am - 9pm

Tuesday, 11/22: 10am - 5pm

Wednesday, 11/23: 10am - 3pm

Thursday, 11/24: CLOSED

Friday, 11/25: CLOSED

Saturday, 11/26: 1pm - 5pm

Fall 2022 Hours

Weekdays: 10am-9pm

Weekends: 11am - 4pm

Equipment Access

  • Equipment access is by reservation
  • 3D printers and the cutting plotter require training before use.
  • If you would like help with your project, please schedule a consult with a Makerspace staff member.

Read more about our equipment, rooms, and policies at our resource guide here.

For general inquiries, email

Events and Workshops