Make a reservation to use the Library spaces with the Study-Browse Service

Study-Browse Service

Entry into Library buildings for Spring 2021 is by reservation only and requires an active Princeton University ID. 


You can book a seat if you are a Princeton University: 

Visitors, alumni, affiliates, or those who may have a purchased access card are not eligible to visit the library due to strict University Covid protocols. 

If you are unable to make a reservation and think you should be able to, please email us at


You may book up to 40 hours per week across all library locations. When you book a seat you may:

  • Study and work inside the building
  • Browse the stacks
  • Check out physical materials you find in the stacks
  • Visit your locker or carrel for materials

Reservations are available for general study, quiet study, and private study, and include the following seating types:

  • Table seating
  • Standing desks
  • Cozy chairs
  • Study carrels

Not all types of seating and services are available at all library locations. Use our reservation system to see what is available at each location.

For information on accessing Special Collections, including booking an appointment in the reading room, please visit the department's website.

No-Wait Reservations

Reservations are available at 15-minute increments: book a seat and come in at the next nearest 15-minute time slot. Reservations must be made prior to entering a library location.

Special Circumstances

  • If you have reached your 40 hour limit or are facing other difficulties and need additional time please contact We will do our very best to accommodate requests. Please give us as much notice as possible as we will have to make the reservations on your behalf for every reservation beyond the 40 hour limit and we may not be able to accommodate without 24 hours notice. The 7-day period runs from Sunday–Saturday. 
  • If you have an assigned carrel, please contact the branch of your carrel location as you will still need to make a reservation but will not be subject to time limits.

Social protocols

Following social protocols — wearing a face covering at all times, maintaining a social distance of six feet, and frequent handwashing — is required while visiting library spaces. 

While visiting Library spaces, students are expected to follow protocols outlined in the Student Social Contract. Observations of protocol non-compliance can be reported through EthicsPoint


A printer is available on the first floor of Firestone Library near the Info Desk. OIT also offers printer clusters at locations on campus. Scanners are available for use during Study-Browse appointments at Firestone, Stokes, Engineering (Fine Hall, B-level), Lewis (first floor), East Asian Library, and Mendel. Public computers are not available in the Library at this time.

Food and beverages

No food is permitted in Library spaces. This will be strictly enforced to ensure adherence to health and safety protocols. Beverages with lids are permitted.