Changing Locations for Annexing, Sublocations, Etc.
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Voyager cat procedures

Importing records into Voyager (including exporting from OCLC/RLIN)

Adding holding & item
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Brief records for Circ, Reserves & Local cat.
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MARC guide
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Relinking items

Changing location

Adding multi-piece serials volumes

Changing locations for Annexing, Sublocations, etc.

  • Search for item by call number.
    If your search results in more than one hit, a Browse Titles Index window will appear.

  • Select the appropriate record and click on OK.
    Verify the title and author in the 245 field.
    Verify the publisher in the 260 field.

  • After determining that you have the correct record, click on the "Get Hldgs" button.

  • If there is more than one mfhd attached to the record, you must select the appropriate mfhd from the dialog box and retrieve the record by clicking on Retrieve.

  • In the 852 field, in delimiter b, delete the old location and type in the new location in all lower case.

    NOTE: If you are annexing you must add a |x tr fr <loc.> note at the end of the call number. Use the F9 function key to insert the delimiter symbol.

    852 0 |b anxb |h QE350 |i .S44 1984 |x tr fr sg

  • Click on the boat to save the changes to the mfhd.

  • Click on Get Items button.

  • If there is more than one item attached to the mfhd, you must select all items from the dialog box and retrieve the records by clicking on the OK button. (If you are not transferring all items, consult Maryann Langer, Cat. Unit V for assistance.)

  • In the Perm. Loc. drop down box, select the new location.

  • Click on the boat to save the changes to the item record.

  • If there are multiple items, each item record must be updated.

NOTE: To select, click once, so that the selected line turns blue. To unselect, click again. The retrieve button will retrieve records for ALL the lines selected.