Relinking an Item Record in Voyager
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Relinking an item record to a holdings record

Use this procedure when you need to move an item record from one holdings record to another.

  • Look up the source holdings record and the target holdings record. Examine the records to make sure you have the correct information.

    The source holdings record is the record that the item is currently attached to.
    The target holdings record is the record that you want to move your item to.

  • Retrieve the item record to be relinked. To do this procedure the item record must be active.

  • With the item record active, from the menu bar select Record>Relink to a different holdings. This brings up the "Relink an item to a holdings" dialogue box.

  • In the text box type the ID of the target holdings record (Where you want to link the item).

    Note: This can be a holdings record for the same bibliographic record or for a different bibliographic record. You must have the appropriate security level to do this function.

  • Click on OK to link the item record to the specified holdings record. Click Cancel to close without linking the records.


If you relink an item to a different location (e.g when you are annexing) you must change the location in both the mfhd and the item record. See Changing locations for Annexing, Sublocations, etc.

If you relink an item from a GeacMerge record send the bibliographic record and the holdings record to Maryann Langer, Cat. Unit V for deletion.