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Firm Order Claiming
This procedure is only for firm orders. Be sure the line item type is single part. If not, it may need claiming on a component or to have a component added. Firm orders that are single issue or multiple issue serial orders should be referred to Serials Acquisitions Unit.
Checklist for Claiming

1. Is the order open?

Use the MARC link to the catalog record. Check to be sure there is no item record added. If there is, research may be need to determine if the book was processed without doing a receipt.

2. Are there any invoices linked to the order, especially for EDI invoice vendors?

If there is an EDI invoice with a pending status, the order has already been shipped and should not be claimed. If there is an approved invoice, the order may have been prepaid or may have been received without being checked in. Do not claim without determining the true status of the order.

3. Are there any recent reports in the line item note?

There is no need to claim if we have a report dated within the last 3 months, unless we have a specific patron request.

4. Is the item marked for cancellation or claiming?

  • System cancel - unmark, and proceed with claim
  • Cancel (by operator) - STOP! Review the order. This is an order in the process of cancellation for some reason.

5. Has the item been claimed previously?

Check the number of the claim. If it has been claimed twice, consult supervisor before claiming, as we should probably cancel and reorder elsewhere.

Procedure for Claiming

Line items must be marked prior to claiming. Once marked, they can be claimed from the purchase order, from the line item detail record (Problems tab), or from the Problems list in the List bar Order Maintenance tab.

1. Is the item marked for cancellation or claiming?

  • System claim - use the mark to claim the item
  • Claim (marked by operator) - use the mark to claim the item

2. Has the item been claimed previously? If so, highlight the claim and generate the new claim over it.

3. Voyager claims print out with very little bibliographic information - author, title and isbn. No further identifying information, such as publisher, date, edition or vendor instructions. Therefore you must include the following information in the claim note.

  • Vendor item number
  • If no vendor item number is available, content of the 260 field on the bibliographic record. If you are cutting and pasting from the bibliographic record be sure to remove any delimiter information and subfield markers, or they will interfere with the printing of the claim note.
  • Volume number if appropriate (for example, ordered vol.2 only)
  • Edition number if appropriate.
  • Previous report, if appropriate (e.g., "Last report, due 2 June 2004. Please supply or report further")
  • Be sure you choose the approprite claim type from the drop-down list (for example, "no copies received", "wrong title supplied", etc.