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Open Order Review procedure
Checklist for Reviewing orders


1. Check the line item note to determine if there are any recent reports or recent claims. Do not claim if reports or claims are less than 3 months old.

2. Does the vendor have an online on which we can check order status? If there is recent information in the online, transcribe it into the line item note.

  • If there is no information in the vendor's record, take note of any vendor item number in case you need to transcribe it into a claim note.
  • If information in the vendor's record indicates the order should be cancelled, follow the cancellation procedure.
3. Is the order a rush order? Two clues to rush orders are multiple copies on order, and course information in the Requester field. Forward any rush orders that appear to need claiming to one of the unit's rush assistants.

4. Is the order for a bookset in which all the volumes ordered have been received? If the order status is not complete, refer the order to Carol for closing.

Checklist for Issuing Claims