Firestone Library: Lockers

Lockers are assigned based on department eligiblity (see below), application date, and applicant's status. First priority will be given to seniors and graduate students in their final year. You will be notified by email, usually in September, when your locker is assigned. After you receive notification, it is very important that you visit the Access Office to pick up the combination to your locker. Assignments not picked up in a reasonable time may be reassigned.


Seniors or graduate students in African American Studies, Anthropology, Classics, Comparative Literature, Economics, English, French & Italian, German, History, Near Eastern Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Slavic Languages & Literatures, Sociology, Spanish & Portuguese, or Princeton School of Public and International Affairs are eligible for a locker in Firestone Library.


Submit a locker application here.


Contact the Access Office at or (609) 258-5737.