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Special Collections

Special collections held in the Mendel Music Library, Special Collections (Firestone Library), or ReCAP:

Microfilm Collections

Our microfilm collections are housed either in the Mendel Music Library or in the ReCAP remote storage facility. Links to catalog entries and finding aids are provided where available. Materials stored at ReCAP may be requested via their entry in the library's main catalog and will then be available at the music library within 1-3 days.

Please note that Mendel staff is currently working to prepare accurate catalog records for Mendel's entire microfilm collection. Below you will find links to various finding aids that have previously been used to organize these collections, but please note that information on these lists may no longer be completely accurate. We are offering these tools as provisional paths to locating these materials during this project.


This list is comprised of titles that are current and discontinued. Annuals and yearbooks are, for the most part, shelved in the Library stacks. Most titles are shelved in the (MUSPE) section of the Mendel Music Library on the first floor, but some titles are in ReCAP and must be requested through the Main Catalog. For a more complete and accurate record of the holdings in the Mendel Library and ReCAP it is strongly suggested that you search the Main Catalog. The most recent issue of these titles can be found in our Periodicals Reading Room.