New York Times Digital Edition now available at Princeton!

Posted: Monday, 14 April 2014 - 2:13pm

Princeton faculty, students and staff can now access The New York Times Digital Edition through an Academic Site License provided by Princeton University Library.  Princeton users can now have full access to and the smartphone apps for a period of 364 days from the date you activate it.

Access is via an Academic Pass”. Once you register on the site with your '' or '' email address in order to secure this Academic Pass, you can access the NYTimes Digital Edition from any network and any ISP worldwide.  Our license does NOT include e-reader editions, tablet apps, Premium Crosswords or the New York Times Crosswords apps. NYTimes apps are not supported on all devices. Access to archived articles within the date range 1923-1980 is limited. 


FIRST Register for an Academic Pass at 

First time registrants MUST use either their or email addresses to register for an Academic Pass. You will receive an email within 15 minutes from the NYTimes requesting that you confirm your email address.  You will then receive confirmation that you have an Academic Pass. If you have difficulty registering for a pass, email from your Princeton or pppl email account.

THEN, once you have your Academic Pass, you can change your email 'sign in' to another one if you prefer (e.g. gmail) by making that change on your account at the NYTimes site. Your Academic Pass is good for 364 days from the date you activate it; after it expires you can register as above for a new pass for 364 days.

Once registered go to and use your Sign-In.

NOTE: If you currently have a paid digital subscription of your own, for which you registered with your or email address, you are NOT eligible for an Academic Pass. You should continue to access the Times via your own subscription. The New York Times Academic Site License has some restrictions that your personal subscription may not have. Consider the options carefully before deciding to cancel your own subscription.  (If you registered for your paid subscription under another of your email addresses, you CAN register for an Academic Pass.)

If you previously registered for the Web Edition and want to take advantage of the Academic Pass, just change your account email to or to obtain an Academic Pass as above.  This will give you access to content without cap limits.  If you were using your account to obtain the free articles, go to  the "passes" page, and instead of clicking on the "register" button, click on the "login" button, and login with your address (and password) from that passes page. You will get the Academic Pass associated with your email.

Mobile APPS: Your Academic Pass includes access to The New York Times via the NYTimes smartphone apps. Go to the following link to access:

Phones: There are mobile apps for iPhone/iPod Touch (IOS 5.0+), Android (OS 2.1+), and Windows (7.5 O.S.) phones; these are included as part of the Academic Pass.

Tablets: Mobile apps for tablets are NOT part of the Academic Pass. However, you can access the mobile site ( or Times Skimmer ( using your smartphone or tablet running one of the above operating systems.

Need HELP?

Check the Troubleshooting Guide if you are having problems obtaining an Academic Pass or are hitting a content limit.

If you need help obtaining an Academic Pass or with your account, contact NYTimes site license support at for assistance.

If you have questions about this new offering, please contact the Library.