Meet Cecelia Ramsey, a graduate student, and co-leader of the Student Friends of Princeton University Library

The Student Friends of the Princeton University Library (SFPUL) is a student-run group that sponsors events and activities related to libraries, books, collecting, and other bibliographic endeavors, with a dedicated emphasis on Princeton University Library’s collections.

Cecelia Ramsey

What year are you and what are you studying at Princeton? What interests you about the subject?

I’m a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of French and Italian. I’ve always loved reading and languages, and then I discovered that I love teaching students to speak and read in French as well. My research interests lately revolve around literary translation, typography, book history, and modes of reading.

How did you get involved with SFPUL?

I am always looking for more ways to spend time at the Library!

What has been your favorite SFPUL event and why?

Touring the Milberg Gallery with the exhibit’s curator is always an enriching experience. Sal Hamerman recently showed us around the Ulises Carrión exhibit and it was a really unique opportunity to see interesting materials, to talk about what makes a book, and then to enjoy continued conversations over lunch afterward.

What have you learned since joining the Friends? 

It seems like the Library is full of so many surprises, I’m always learning new things about what’s in the collections. It has also been inspiring to learn more about the Friends and their interests in collecting as well.

How have you used the Library in your time at Princeton? Are there any notable resources or materials you've used?

If I’m assigned a book for class, I’ll check to see if Princeton has anything in Special Collections related to that title/author. This process has led me to discover numerous treasures, like a first edition with a handwritten dedication and a rare work of translation that I otherwise never could have read.

Why should someone join the SFPUL?

Joining SFPUL is a great way to take advantage of the many things the Library has to offer, as well as to meet other people who enjoy talking about and thinking about books.

Published on April 4, 2024

Interview by Brandon Johnson, Communications Strategist

Media Contact: Stephanie Oster, Publicity Manager