New Trials for two databases of the Japan Digital Archives Center (J-DAC)

Princeton, December 12, 2023:

The library is running two trials for Japanese databases:

Online-edition Edogawa Ranpo Harimaze Nenpu 「オンライン版 江戸川乱歩『貼雑年譜』」
This databases includes primary resources collected by Edogawa Ranpo mostly from Taisho to Showa. The collection includes personal letters, documents from Taisei yokusankai (大政翼賛会), Nihon bungaku hokokukai (日本文学報国会), and notifications circulated in Tonarigumi (隣組) which he served as a vice chairman. The original collection is held at Rikkyo University the Edogawa Rampo Memorial Center for Popular Culture Studies.
Note: When you search the database, please click on 江戸川乱歩『貼雑年譜』

Online-edition of Historical materials of the Defense Agency 「オンライン版 防衛政策史資料」
The collection of historical materials of the Defense Agency which transferred to the National Archives in 2005. It contains the portion of the memoirs and testimonies of former members of the Defense Agency and the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

The trials are available on and off campus.

The trial period for both databases is December 12, 2023 to January 11, 2024.


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